Here is an example of  sales skills training built to resonate with multiple sales division within one organization.

My challenge was to create training that was generic enough to resonate with all of the different sales divisions.   That said, my course scenarios couldn't be specific to any one product/brand because it would alienate learners from other sectors

I decided that each of my sales skills training modules would open with a real-life scenario depicting the wrong  way to execute a particular skill.   Then, learners determine what went wrong, and how it could have been better.

I open this trainingby  introducing company employee Josh, an average guy with financial struggles who is looking for a Financial Planner for his family.

Learners follow his adventure in finding the right  Planner, and that decision is ultimately based on what learners determine are the 'right' questions.

This sample includes a few opening slides and a couple of closing slides. 

Here is an example of sales skills training that I built to help sales reps develop objection handling skills:

I used realistic characters to build a story that unfolded throughout the course.  From the beginning, learners can identify with the sales rep  (Angelica), who is excited about calling on a prospective buyer (Andre).  Learners will empathize when she fails miserably as she confronts objections from her buyer.  She realizes she has blown it, and will likely lose Andre's business.  Learners are forced to examine what went wrong and will be looking for the insight as to how she can turn the situation around. 

Next, the keys for handling objections are unveiled and Angelica learns the skills needed to handle resistance more effectively.   Learners  are given the opportunity to choose their own responses, and the consequences that result from their choices. 

At the end, the heroine masters the skills of effectively overcoming buyer resistance and is given a second chance.  She turns the objections into opportunities, and wins the customer!  Learners now have proof that implementing their new process for handling objections will pay off.

Here is an example of an on-line resume that I created using Storyline.

Here is an example of a short course that I built for new merchandisers working in the cosmetics section for the first time.