Donna Carson, Freelance Instructional Designer


Elearning Challenge #50- Flat Design Graphics

Posted by Donna Carson on Tuesday, September 16, 2014
This week's challenge was to design a 'flat' office based on your own work space.  I loved this challenge because (A) I love my home office because it's cozy and comfortable, and I spend nearly half my life there, and (B) I haven't played around with PowerPoint shapes in like...forever.  

So, first, I took a photo of my work space, complete with my favorite screensaver of all times - a photo I took of a family of horses running wild on the beach on Cumberland Island this summer.

The Process:

Next, I put the image on one monitor, and began with a clean slide in PowerPoint.  What fun!  I started inserting shapes and playing with colors.  I admit that I gave into temptation to use texture on two shapes (was that cheating?) - I mean, how could I resist the burlap for the lamp shade?!  The only element I brought in from outside PP was the screensaver image, which is less vibrant on my left-side monitor (just like the real thing).  

Here is a link to get a closer view.