Donna Carson, Freelance Instructional Designer


E-Learning Challenge: Storyboarding

Posted by Donna Carson on Monday, August 25, 2014

 When storyboarding, I try to keep it simple and recently, I have started creating them in google docs and here is why that works so well:

  • Once the review process begins, my clients and I are referencing and updating the most recent version.  This is particularly helpful if you have multiple SMEs that are providing input to your storyboard. 
  • Everyone on the team can easily make comments and recommend updates/changes throughout the review process
  • And, my favorite feature is that we can even work on the document simultaneously (which is really cool!).   No more passing storyboard files back and forth - Yay!  

Here is an example of an early draft (created in google docs) for a client that wanted to be very involved in every step of the process.  This was the first draft of the storyboard and you can see some of their comments and recommended changes.

Once I evaluated their recommendations and made appropriate modifications, I began building out the module in Storyline – keeping the storyboard updated throughout the process (with simple screen shots) so that at any time, they could see where I was going with the graphics, etc.