Donna Carson, Freelance Instructional Designer


Elearning Challenge #50- Flat Design Graphics

September 16, 2014
This week's challenge was to design a 'flat' office based on your own work space.  I loved this challenge because (A) I love my home office because it's cozy and comfortable, and I spend nearly half my life there, and (B) I haven't played around with PowerPoint shapes in like...forever.  

So, first, I took a photo of my work space, complete with my favorite screensaver of all times - a photo I took of a family of horses running wild on the beach on Cumberland Island this summer.

The Process:

Next, I put the image on one monitor, and began with a clean slide in PowerPoint.  What fun!  I started inserting shapes and playing with colors.  I admit that I gave into temptation to use texture on two shapes (was that cheating?) - I mean, how could I resist the burlap for the lamp shade?!  The only element I brought in from outside PP was the screensaver image, which is less vibrant on my left-side monitor (just like the real thing).  

Here is a link to get a closer view.


E-Learning Challenge: Storyboarding

August 25, 2014

 When storyboarding, I try to keep it simple and recently, I have started creating them in google docs and here is why that works so well:

  • Once the review process begins, my clients and I are referencing and updating the most recent version.  This is particularly helpful if you have multiple SMEs that are providing input to your storyboard. 
  • Everyone on the team can easily make comments and recommend updates/changes throughout the review process
  • And, my favorite feature is that we can even work ...

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Using Common Scenarios That Resonate with All Learners

April 28, 2014

I was hired to create sales skills training for a client that had multiple sales divisions.  My challenge was to design training that was generic enough to resonate with all of the different sales divisions.   That said, my course scenarios couldn't be specific to any one product/brand because it would alienate learners from other sectors. 


For the module on how to ask the right questions during a discovery call, I decided to use a very generic example that everyone could re...

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Designing Brand Recognition Training for Part-Time Employees:

April 24, 2014

Company XYZ needed to ensure that 1000’s of merchandisers representing them in retail stores could identify the 25 brands that generate the most sales.  The part-time employees needed to recognize the brands so that they could ensure that they were given prime real estate in the stores and adequate inventory levels were maintained.

Summary:  As Instructional Designer, my role was to design and develop an e-learning module that ensured that reps would recognize these top brands when w...

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