Donna Carson, Freelance Instructional Designer


Designing Brand Recognition Training for Part-Time Employees:

Posted by Donna Carson on Thursday, April 24, 2014

Company XYZ needed to ensure that 1000’s of merchandisers representing them in retail stores could identify the 25 brands that generate the most sales.  The part-time employees needed to recognize the brands so that they could ensure that they were given prime real estate in the stores and adequate inventory levels were maintained.

Summary:  As Instructional Designer, my role was to design and develop an e-learning module that ensured that reps would recognize these top brands when working in the stores, so that they allocate their time/resources accordingly.


At the beginning of the course, I introduce a new rep (Allison) that is learning about the brands she will represent in stores.  She introduces a brief video that overviews the brands, and then guides learners through the course. 

Identify what they already know:  
First, I used an interaction which required learners to identify those brands that they are already familiar with and use in their own homes.   These are brands that they already recognize and will not have to 'learn' to identify.  Then, I briefly overview the remaining brands (each learner's review is specific to their choices earlier in the module, as they do not need to review items they are already using).  

Show learners where the brands are located: 
Next, I help learners visualize the section of the store where each  brand is merchandised in the store  I use this demo.  

Exercises to build brand recognition:  
I show learners the visual elements that distinguish these brands/products from their competitors.  Reps will need to be able to pick these brands out when surrounded by 'copy cats', so it is key to help them identify unique markers/characteristics of the packaging.  

This is accomplished through a variety of exercises that enable learners to pick these brands out of a lineup of similar products and off a crowded shelf.   The repetitive nature of these exercises ensures that learners are able to identify the top brands in a variety of realistic in-store settings.  Here are some examples.

My Role:

My role is this course was to design and develop the course start to finish.